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Residential & Commercial Services


Electric Vehicle Charger Station Installations

Whether you are after a single electric vehicle charging point for your home or a bank of charging points for your business we can help.

We specialise in electric vehicle charging installations which can include a wide range of charging equipment from various manufacturers.

We predominantly deal with Myenergi which is a British manufacturer and we have extensive experience installing Zappi smart chargers and associated equipment, however we have installed a variety of other EV chargers from various manufacturers. 



Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and Safety Inspections

EICRs are official condition reports compiled from safety inspections that are undertaken on existing installations of a property. These reports highlight any defects or safety issues especially those that may be dangerous and need immediate repairs.


Fault Diagnostics and Repairs

Fault diagnostics are used to find underlying causes of issues ranging from tripping circuit breakers to faulty sockets or outlets and even problems with your lighting circuits.

More complex machinery for your commercial business needs can also be a job we would consider taking on.


Complete or Partial Rewiring

Complete rewiring is usually required when the entire electrical system needs replacing to bring it up to the current regulations. If some or most of the electrical system is identifying faults a lot of the time it is just most convenient to replace the entire electrical system for peace of mind. 

Partial rewiring is usually required when an additional accessory is needed, or the diagnosis of a fault has been completed and requires some of the cabling to be replaced.


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

PATesting is used to diagnose any issues or problems encountered with appliances and whether they are safe to use. This can include a visual inspection to determine damage as well as using a PATesting machine to determine safety and compliance.


Solar Panel Installations and Battery Storage

If you are looking at subsidising your commercial or residential electric bill long term as well as having a positive impact on the environment, speak to us about solar installations and how they can benefit you.


Security Installations

We install security such as PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors, lights, CCTV cameras, voice systems and deterrents such as outdoor lighting (see below).


Outdoor Lighting and Building Management System Installations

We can undertake single jobs like installing outdoor lights or entire outdoor electrical installations which can include power to your outbuildings or outdoor lighting and access control systems for commercial properties. 


Armoured Cable Installations

If you require an armoured cable installation, we will gladly help with an assessment of the best possible solution, placement, measuring and installation in compliance with all relevant legislation.


Consumer Unit Upgrades

The most crucial part of your electrical system is the safety and degree of protection offered by your Consumer Unit (CU). A consumer unit can potentially save your life. A faulty consumer unit or an older one not offering the levels of protection of the current 18th edition CU’s could be responsible for the loss of life or serious harm. Please do consider getting a reputable and competent electrician in to check the safety of your current unit.

The cost of Consumer Unit changes can sometimes seem daunting as the work involved in an upgrade can be extensive. A full test of the electrical system governed by that CU must be performed before and upon completion of the upgrade to ensure the system is safe.

We offer a wide variety of branded boards and different levels of protection. It is recommended that all circuits are protected by their individual RCBO’s so if a circuit trips, it would only isolate that individual circuit rather than tripping half of your install which is the case when you have a single RCD or dual RCD board.

Current 18th edition consumer units are constructed out of a non-combustible material, therefore its ability to contain a fire is greater than that of the older boards. Not only do newer boards offer a greater level of safety, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

New Switches

  • Part of a full house rewire
  • All appliances received their own switches
  • Full Consumer Unit Upgrade

Decorative Living Room Lighting

  • Lighting installed on the walls as accents to the arwork
  • Wiring chased into walls
  • Additional circuits included in the consumer unit
  • Increases the house value


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